Morning everyone.
Some news.
Friends of Golowan is now a CIC.
Over the next few weeks we’ll be reminding everyone of why this Facebook group was set up, why it was felt that beefing up the Friends of Golowan organisation was the way forward following the Town Meeting in 2015 and, most importantly, letting you know how you can become a member of FoG in real life as well as in this group (it won’t be expensive).
Your occasional reminder: this is all done by volunteers and it’s a lot of work for four blokes in their spare time. We’re also acutely aware that “four blokes” i
s not exactly representative of the community. If you feel you’re in a position to help us for a couple of hours a month, plea
se let us know.


And once again, thanks for your support not just in this group but all the volunteering you’ve done over the years to keep Golowan alive.

Friends of Golowan

Friends of Golowan exists to support Penzance’s annual Golowan Festival.

We’ll be building this site to let you know how you can get involved, including soon details on membership of Friends of Golowan.