We are Friends of Golowan and we exist to support Penzance’s annual Golowan Festival.

The first stage in developing Friends of Golowan as a dynamic support organisation for the Golowan Festival is to grow the membership. In 2015 when there was some doubt about the future direction of the festival well over 1000 people joined a Facebook group to support Golowan – we hope that most of those people and more will now want to join Friends of Golowan in real life.

Over the last year or so, we have had many conversations with the community around  Penzance and have summed up some of our thoughts here.

You can find us on Facebook – our page there is a good way for you to engage and let us know your thoughts about the festival.

We are also on Twitter – @FriendsGolowan – follow us to keep up with our news.

Contact us directly via email: